Game for Learning

12 Jan


An interesting website worth visiting


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    ‘Computer Gaming’ seems, like the Internet, to have leaped its banks, flooding off in all sorts of directions with unexpected effects; I suppose that is barely getting started even so. It seems a large piece of what is changing the societies around the world, to what end we will have to wait to see. I expect our concept of education to be an early victim, though that unionized zombie will fight –well, one can’t well say to the death; it’s already dead– but at least to the last taxpayer dollar. The future does not lie ahead; it has arisen and is rushing toward us…

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  26. wisperin9shad0s March 14, 2013 at 10:58 am #

    The school I work in is actually a high school, but I have taught younger children before, and some of these might have come in handy. I know a lot of schools still ban small electronics for kids, but for the ones that allow phones or laptops, these def might help

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